• Humphries sign
    Our Mission
    Our mission is to provide all students foundational preparation for college and career readiness by working collaboratively with all stakeholders.


    Our Vision
    Our vision is to develop critical thinkers and active learners in order to become future leaders.
    The Humphries Pledge

    We the students at Humphries Elementary School, pledge to meet and exceed all of our goals for academic excellence. We pledge to become independent thinkers, responsible learners and law-abiding citizens. Furthermore, we pledge our best efforts to make our parents, teachers, and our community proud as we build our foundation to become tomorrow's leaders.


    Juramento de Humphries

     Nosotros los estudiantes de la Escuela Elemental Humphries, juramos alcanzar y exceder todas nuestras metas para lograr la excelencia académica.  Juramos convertirnos en pensadores independientes, estudiantes responsables y ciudadanos respetuosos de la ley.  Además, juramos hacer nuestro mayor esfuerzo para que nuestros padres, maestros, y nuestra comunidad se sientan orgullosos, a medida que construimos las bases para ser los líderes del mañana.