• ESL Registration and Orientation 
    Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 10:00am
    *All classes virtual until further notice.* 



    US Citizens & Legal Permanent Residents:
    ***Only one of the following forms of ID is required:***
    •  Valid Driver's License
    •  Legal Permanent Resident Card
    •  United States Passport 


    Qualified Alien or Non-Immigrant:

    • Passport from home country and United States visa with I-94 or Alien Registration Number
    ***WE DO NOT ACCEPT***

    Category B-1 Visa- Temporary Business Visitor

    Category B-2 Visa - Tourism or Pleasure Visitor

    Category F-1 Visa - Non-Immigrant Student Visa

    Students receive instruction and practice in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking at the beginning, intermediate, or advance level.  Student placement level is determined by assessment scores taken during registration.
    The courses primarily focus on the fundamental concepts of the English language (i.e. vocabulary, grammar, spelling, verb tense, and basic civics lessons) as well as life skills of American culture.  Students are expected to practice newly acquired English skills at home.
    For more information contact: 404-802-3560.
    Adult Education Center
    1757 Mary Dell Drive
    Atlanta, Georgia 30316
    (404) 802-3560



    Students volunteering to make gift boxes.


    Volunteers making gift boxes