About The Atlanta Board of Education (ABOE) Archives Museum

  • The Atlanta Board of Education (ABOE) opened the doors to its archives and museum in 2013 located at the Atlanta Public Schools’ Center for Leadership and Learning. This space was created to celebrate our history and consider our future. The history of Atlanta Public Schools is rich, proud, resilient and is still being written today. Inside the archives you will see the preserved and showcased Atlanta Public Schools’ 141-year history, the museum is reflecting the commitment, innovation, controversy and odyssey that has propelled the District and Atlanta to success. This museum is designed to allow internal and external stakeholders learn the history of ourselves and this city. Leaving this unique place, you should feel motivated to share in our history, embrace it, understand it, accept it, grasp it and dream toward the future.

  • Contact the APS Archives (404) 802-2267 | keith.glass2@atlanta.k12.ga.us 130 Trinity Ave. | Atlanta, GA 30303