• Our vision is to create an inclusive elementary school community that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a love for STEAM education, ensuring every student feels valued and supported on their educational journey.


  • Our mission is to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that promotes STEAM education, fosters curiosity and creativity, and empowers students to reach their full potential, while cultivating a sense of belonging and support for all.

Our Why

  • At VHE, we envision a vibrant, inclusive learning community that embraces the power of STEAM education to nurture curious minds, foster creativity, and cultivate a sense of belonging for all students. We believe that every child has unique talents and abilities, and our commitment to inclusion ensures that each student is valued, respected, and supported on their educational journey.


    In this vision, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) serves as the catalyst for holistic, hands-on learning experiences. Our school provides a rich and stimulating environment where students can explore, question, and collaborate across various disciplines. Through engaging activities, projects, and problem-solving opportunities, we aim to develop critical thinking skills, ignite a passion for discovery, and nurture a love for lifelong learning.


    A cornerstone of our vision is the belief that diversity enriches our school community. We celebrate and value the unique backgrounds, cultures, and abilities of our students and their families. Inclusive practices are woven into the fabric of our everyday interactions and decision-making processes. We create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages open dialogue, empathy, and understanding, fostering relationships built on respect and kindness.


    Our commitment to inclusion extends to personalized learning approaches. We recognize that every child learns differently and has individual strengths, challenges, and interests. Through differentiated instruction, multi-modal teaching strategies, and tailored support, we meet each student's needs, allowing them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


    Collaboration is at the heart of our vision. We foster strong partnerships among students, parents, teachers, and the larger community. By actively involving parents in their child's education and seeking their input, we create a shared sense of ownership and empower families to actively participate in the educational journey.


    As we embrace innovation, we strive to provide state-of-the-art resources, technology, and experiential learning opportunities. We seek to prepare our students for the rapidly evolving world by nurturing their creativity, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. By connecting classroom learning to real-world applications, we hope to inspire our students to become forward-thinking, globally aware, and socially responsible citizens.


    In summary, VHE is guided by a vision that combines the power of STEAM education with a strong commitment to inclusion. Through this vision, we inspire students to explore their potential, celebrate diversity, and develop the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Vision Casting

  • Virginia-Highland Elementary School, like any educational institution, developed a school vision and mission to provide a clear sense of purpose and direction for its stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, and the community. We use the following reasons to help develop our Vision & Mission.

    • Guiding Principles: A school's vision and mission serve as guiding principles that shape its educational philosophy and practices. They articulate the values and beliefs that the school community holds dear and aspires to uphold.
    • Unity of Purpose: Establishing a shared vision and mission helps to foster a sense of unity and common purpose among stakeholders. It provides a collective understanding of the school's goals and objectives.
    • Strategic Direction: The vision and mission statements provides a roadmap for decision-making and strategic planning within the school. It helps administrators, teachers, and staff prioritize initiatives and allocate resources effectively.
    • Accountability and Evaluation: A clear vision and mission allow stakeholders to assess the school's progress and hold it accountable for achieving its goals. They serve as benchmarks against which the school's performance can be measured and evaluated.
    • Community Engagement: A well-defined vision and mission can enhance community engagement by clearly communicating the school's purpose and goals to parents, local organizations, and other stakeholders. This can facilitate collaboration and support for the school's initiatives.
    • Inspiration and Motivation: A compelling vision and mission inspire and motivate students, teachers, and staff to strive for excellence and work towards common objectives. They provide a sense of meaning and direction that transcends day-to-day activities.

    A school vision and mission are essential components of effective school leadership and management. They provide clarity of purpose, foster unity and accountability, guide decision-making, and inspire stakeholders to work towards shared goals.