AUTHOR       TITLE                                                                       AR LEVEL


    Ala                  Louella Mae, She's Run Away                                  

    Berenstain       The Berenstain Bears & the Spooky Old Tree            1.1

    Bonsall            The Day I Had to Play with My Sister                        0.5

    Bridwell          Clifford Makes a Friend                                             0.4

    Brown            Goodnight Moon                                                        1

    Buck               Oh, Cats!                                                                  0.4      

    Capucilli          Biscuit Finds a Friend                                                0.8

    Capucilli          Biscuit's New Trick                                                   1

    Dobkin            I Love Fishing                                                           0.7

    Douglas           Get That Pest!                                                           1

    Dubowski        Snug Bug                                                                  1.1

    Eastman          Are You My Mother?                                                1

    Ehlert            Top Cat                                                                       1.1

    Fine                Surprise                                                                      1.1

    Floyd              Rabbit and Turtle Go to School                                   0.7

    Gelman            Hello, Cat, You Need a Hat                                       1.1

    Gisler              Addition Annie                                                            1.1

    Godwin           Happy and Honey                                                       0.5

    Hardin             No Dogs Allowed                                                       0.9

    Harrison          Wake Up, Sun                                                            1.1

    Herman           The Lion and the Mouse                                              0.7

    Herman           Ice Cream Soup                                                          1

    Herman           What a Hungry Puppy!                                                1.1

    Hillert              The Little Cowboy and the Big Cowboy                       1.1

    Hofmeister      The Bat                                                                        0.5

    Karlin              I See, You Saw                                                           0.4

    Kraus               Whose Mouse Are You                                              0.8

    Krensky           My Loose Tooth                                                         1

    Leonard           My Camp-Out                                                             0.4

    Leonard           Best Friends                                                                 0.7

    Lunn                Bobby's Zoo                                                                1.1

    Maccarone       Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox                                              0.7

    Mayer              All by Myself                                                               1.1

    McDaniel        Katie Couldn't                                                              1

    McKissack      Bugs!                                                                           0.4

    McKissack      Messy Bessey's Garden                                                0.8

    O'Connor        Splat!                                                                           1.1

    Phillips            Lucky Bear                                                                   1

    Porter              I Love My Daddy Because…                                      1

    Porter              I Love My Mommy Because…                                   1.1

    Preller              Hiccups for Elephant                                                   1.1

    Radlauer          Molly                                                                          1.1

    Radlauer          Molly Goes Hiking                                                     1.1