•  Student Health Forms 

    Student health forms are used to assist in health planning for students.  The nursing staff, educational team, and family need input and instructions from the health care provider to ensure that students are provided the necessary support while in the care of the school. If your student requires a 504 plan or IEP to be successful in school, student health forms may be required.  If you are seeking hospital homebound services, please complete and submit the Referral for Homebound Services Packet.  All forms must be completed and signed by a physician.  Please review before submitting any health forms to your school, and take note that some forms also require a parent/guardian's signature.  Completed medical packets will remain in effect for one school year, and a new set of documents are required each August before the start of school and/or anytime there is a change to the student’s medical status.  If new orders are not received, parents have the right and responsibility to administer medications and/or perform special health procedures during the school day.

    Health Screening Forms

    *Our school nurses are governed by the Georgia Nurse Practice Act and APS Policy JGCD – Medication, and they will only administer medication in accordance with written medical orders signed by a licensed physician, dentist, or podiatrist. APS nurses will not modify any dosage of medicine based solely on a request or recommendation by a parent or guardian.  A parent or guardian seeking a dosage modification must provide the nurse with an appropriate medical order.