• About School Health Services

    At APS School Health Services, we are committed to enhancing student health and well-being through intentional collaboration and partnerships, fostering optimal health outcomes for the entire school community. Our belief is rooted in developing, implementing, and evaluating health services tailored specifically for an urban school district. This commitment is grounded in policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), best practices, and alignment with School Health Law, enabling us to cater to the Whole Child, Whole School, and Whole Community.


    Our Dedicated Team

    The APS Health Services Department is structured to meet the diverse health needs of our students. Our infrastructure comprises a Director, District Registered Nurse, District Epidemiologist, School-Based Health Coordinator, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses, all working together to ensure the health and well-being of every student.


    Student Health Services and Academic Success

    School Health Services plays a pivotal role in promoting academic success by:

    • Developing individualized health management plans for students with healthcare conditions.
    • Providing health-related support tailored to each student's unique needs.

    Research studies have shown that Comprehensive School Health Services positively impact academic success by:

    • Addressing medical needs within the school setting.
    • Enhancing academic achievement by managing health conditions.
    • Reducing absences through effective health condition management.
    • Identifying and addressing health-related barriers to learning.
    • Implementing guidelines for school health and nursing services.


    Our Services for Students, Parents, and Schools

    Students and Partnerships

    We strive to:

    • Provide and coordinate essential screenings, including vision, hearing, dental, and scoliosis, with necessary referrals.
    • Ensure students' immunizations are up-to-date for school attendance by creating vaccination opportunities. 
    • Deliver first-aid, emergency care, and prescribed medical interventions per physician orders during school hours.
    • Promote awareness through education and targeted health initiatives.

    Parents/Guardians and Community

    We aim to:

    • Share information on preventing common illnesses through health education and guidance to parents.
    • Serve as a resource and advocate for parents, identifying and addressing health/safety hazards within the school.
    • Assist parents in administering prescribed medical treatment based on medical needs with current physician orders.