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    Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Strategy


    In an effort to mitigate COVID-19 in our schools and community, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has adopted a Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Strategy in collaboration with public health officials, community partners, universities, and healthcare organizations.


    This strategy works with our school-based APS Care Centers and community resources to provide testing for the following groups:

    • All APS Staff will now participate in mandatory, twice-weekly testing
    • Students with symptoms identified through the health screening protocols
    • Students who have had contact with someone with COVID-19 in the school or workplace
    • Students with possible exposure in the context of outbreak settings
    • PLUS surveillance testing for individuals who are asymptomatic.
  • COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

    Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is continuing its effort to keep everyone in our schools and buildings safe by making COVID-19 Surveillance Testing available to all students and staff. COVID-19 Surveillance Testing is a non-diagnostic test that detects the presence of COVID-19 even in individuals who may be asymptomatic. The benefits of surveillance testing include allowing APS to test, receive test results (within 24 hours) and notify individuals of a clinically significant reading before coming to school or work.

    APS Surveillance Testing Video  Learn more about the Surveillance Testing process in this video.

    Though participation in surveillance testing is not required for students, it will be strongly encouraged. All APS staff will now participate in mandatory, twice-weekly testing (click here to learn more). The success of this mitigation strategy, and the District’s ability to return and keep students in school, is based on high levels of staff and student participation. APS is exploring all options as it relates to the administration of surveillance testing for staff and will be providing staff training, information sessions, and other staff engagement opportunities as part of this process. Learn more by reviewing our frequently asked questions.


    Read the Privacy Policy for COVID testing here (haga clic aquí para español)

    Complete your COVID Testing Consent Form:   STUDENTS | STAFF


    School-Based APS Care Centers

    As part of our testing strategy, we have developed cluster-based testing options (Jackson, South Atlanta, Washington, and Mays) at our APS Care Centers for students and staff at the following school-based locations and times:

    • Dobbs Elementary - 2025 Jonesboro Rd SE, 404-228-6770

               Testing open to APS Students/Staff/Community

               M - F  |  8am - 5pm  |  No appointment required


    • Hollis Innovation Academy - 225 Griffin St. NW, 404-481-3794

               Testing open to all APS Students/Siblings/Staff/Parents

               T, Th, F  |  8am - 3pm  |   No Appointment required


    • King Middle - 545 Hill St. SE, 404-373-6614

               Testing open to APS Students/Staff

               T, Th  |  8am - 5pm  |  Appointment required


    • Miles Elementary - 4215 Bakers Ferry Rd. SW, 678-791-1165

               Testing open to APS Staff/Siblings/Staff/Parents

               Monday  |  8am - 3pm  |  No Appointment required


    • Toomer Elementary - 65 Rogers St. NE, 404-373-6614

               Testing open to APS Students/Staff

               T, Th  |  8am - 12pm  |  Appointment required

     Care Center @ Dobbs


    *Please note that these school-based health clinics are operated by community healthcare organizations or private medical providers. These centers are open and are ready to receive students and staff. You are not required to call ahead. These sites are open at the times listed except for King Middle and Toomer Elementary which require an appointment.



    Self-Reporting COVID-19 Cases and Exposures

    There are now electronic forms for self-reporting confirmed-positive COVID-19 cases and exposures. This will help Health Services and HR quickly initiate and respond to any follow-up that needs to occur, such as case interviews or telework requests.

    Parents/guardians should use the student form to notify their school as soon as possible if their student receives a positive COVID-19 test or if they find out that they have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive.  The form should be completed for any student who has spent time on campus (whether attending in-person classes or participating in intervention or extracurricular activities).

    Employees (including charter/partner employees) and contractors should do the same with the staff form, in addition to notifying their supervisor.

    STUDENT Self-Report Form  |  STAFF Self-Report Form




    APS COVID-19 Drive-Up & Walk-Up Testing @ Douglass HS

    In Partnership with Viral Solutions, LLC., and Pediatric Researchers from Emory University.

    Open to ALL Students, Staff and Families five days per week.

    Hours 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


    On-Site Testing Options: @ Home, @ School, @ Work

    In Partnership with CORE Response: Community Organized Relief Effort

    Open to ALL Students and Staff




Last Modified on August 26, 2021