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    In Atlanta Public Schools,

    we aim to be a high-performing school district where

    students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage, and the community trusts the system. 




    All Atlanta Public School students will:

    • See mathematics as a connected discipline that helps them understand the world and critique new ideas.
    • Demonstrate that they are flexible and resourceful problem solvers by making meaning of the mathematics.
    • Challenge each other's thinking through reasoning and evidence-based critique.
    • Engage in productive struggle with grade-level aligned tasks that invite them to use their prior knowledge to build new understanding.
    • Demonstrate their mathematical understanding with peers and teachers, both orally and in writing, through grade-appropriate mathematical representations.
    • Exhibit a growth mindset by taking risks, seeking feedback from teachers and peers, and reflecting on both their successes and mistakes.
    • Collaborate with peers and build relationships based on mutual respect and inclusion of each other’s mathematical ideas.