• Social Studies Coordinators

    Janean Lewis

    6-12 Social Studies Coordinator    

    Office of Teaching and Learning




    K-5 Social Studies Coordinator 

    Office of Teaching and Learning


    Kathryn Nails Ed.S

    K-5 Social Studies Coordinator

    Office of Teaching and Learning

    Atlanta Public Schools



    The Office of Social Studies

    At Atlanta Public Schools, the Office of Social Studies is housed in the Department of Teaching and Learning. lt is our focus to ensure that Social Studies is meaningful and relevant for students. We are challenged to increase our students' knowledge about the world as they strive to find resolutions to global problems that transcend national borders. Our goal is to help our students be equipped to confront, discuss and address world events by preparing them with the critical thinking to become knowledgeable citizens that engage responsibly in the world around them.

    Social Studies is a diverse discipline that covers many subject areas including geography, history, political science, economics, anthropology, archeology, law, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology (GCSS, 2007). This integrated curriculum enables educators to help students develop their ability to make informed decisions for the public good and better understand world affairs.