Ala Louella Mae, She's Run Away 1
    Awdry Catch Me, Catch Me! 1.2
    Bang Ten, Nine, Eight 1.3
    Berenstain The Berenstain Bears & the Spooky Old Tree 1.1
    Bonsall And I Mean it, Stanley 1.2
    Bridwell Clifford the Big Red Dog 1.3
    Bridwell Clifford's Puppy Days 1.4
    Brown Goodnight Moon 1
    Capucilli Happy Birthday, Biscuit! 1.2
    Carle The Very Busy Spider 1.3
    Christian Penrod's Pants 1.2
    Christian Penrod Again 1.3
    Connor Splat! 1.1
    Davis Who Hops? 1.2
    Davis Who Hoots? 1.3
    DePaola Kit and Kat 1.4
    Dobkin Everybody Says 1.2
    Douglas Get That Pest! 1
    Eastman Go, Dog, Go! 1.2
    Egielski Buz 1.4
    Feiffer Bark, George 1.3
    Ginsburg Across the Stream 1.2
    Ginsburg The Chick and the Duckling 1.3
    Gray A Country Far Away 1.2
    Harrison Wake Up, Sun 1.1
    Haus Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster 1.3
    Herman The Lion and the Mouse 0.7
    Herman Ice Cream Soup 1
    Hillert Why We Have Thanksgiving 1
    Hillert The Little Cowboy & the Big Cowboy 1.1
    Kraus Whose Mouse Are  You? 0.8
    Krensky My Loose Tooth 1
    Leonard Best Friends 0.7
    Lobel Frog and Toad Together 1.4
    Lunn Bobby's Zoo 1.1
    Matthias I Love Cats 1.3
    Mayer All By Myself 1.1
    McDaniel Katie Couldn't 1
    McDaniel Katie Did It 1.2
    McDaniel Larry and the Cookie 1.2
    McKissack Messy Bessey's Garden 0.8
    McPhail A Bug,. A Bear, and a Boy 1.3
    O'Connor The Teeny Tiny Woman 1.4
    Philips Lucky Bear 1
    Porter I Love My Daddy Because… 1
    Preller Hiccups for Elephant 1.1
    Radlauer Molly Goes Hiking 1.1
    Regan Monkey See, Monkey Do 1
    Rey Curious George and the Pizza 1.4
    Roddie Toes Are to Tickle 1.2
    Rosen We're Going on a Bear Hunt 1.3
    Schade Toad Eats Out 1.1
    Shannon  David Goes to School 0.9
    Shannon  No David 1
    Shaw Sheep on a Ship 1.1
    Shaw Sheep out to Eat 1.2
    Simmons Come Along Daisy 1.3
    Stoeker A Friend for Minerva Louise 1.2
    Udry Thump and Plunk 1.3
    Wiesner Flotsam
    Willems Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus 0.9
    Williams I Went Walking 0.7
    Yee Winter Rabbit 1.1
    Yolen Off We Go! 1.3
    Young Who Says Moo? 0.7
    Ziefert So Sick! 1.2
    Ziefert Harry Gets Ready for School 1.4