• 1st-2nd  Reading list
    AlboroughSome Dogs Do20.5
    AlikiMy Feet2.20.5
    ArnoldQuick, Quack, Quick!1.50.5
    AschHappy Birthday, Moon1.80.5
    BanksClose Your Eyes2.20.5
    BerenstainThe Big Honey Hunt1.70.5
    BerenstainThe Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail2.30.5
    BlumeFreckle Juice20.5
    BonsallThe Case of the Cat's Meow2.30.5
    BridwellClifford's Family20.5
    BrownArthur's Tooth1.70.5
    BrownArthur Babysits2.10.5
    BrownArthur in a Pickle2.10.5
    BrownD. W. Rides Again2.20.5
    BrownArthur's Computer Disaster2.40.5
    BrownArthur's Pet Business2.40.5
    BrownD. W. , Go to Your Room2.40.5
    ByarsAnt Plays Bear1.60.5
    ChristelowFive Little Monkeys Sitting in a  Tree1.70.5
    CooneyChanticleer and the Fox2.10.5
    DeltonLucky Dog Days2.21
    EastmanBig Dog…Little Dog1.60.5
    FalconerOlivia and the Missing Toy20.5
    FlackAsk Mr. Bear2.30.5
    GiffThe Clue at the Zoo21
    GiffFish Face21
    GiffThe Case of the Cool-Itch Kid2.21
    HenkesKitten's First Full Moon2.30.5
    HoffDanny and the Dinosaur1.70.5
    HoffSammy the Seal1.80.5
    HurdMama Don't Allow2.20.5
    JenkinsBiggest, Strongest, Fastest2.30.5
    KaszaMy Lucky Day2.30.5
    KelloggPinkerton, Behave!1.50.5
    KimmelI Took My Frog to the Library1.50.5
    KimmelAnansi Goes Fishing2.30.5
    KimmelAnansi and the Magic Stick2.40.5
    KrausMilton the Early Riser1.80.5
    KrausGood Morning, Miss Gator1.90.5
    KrausLeo the Late Bloomer1.90.5
    LionniInch by Inch1.80.5
    LobelDays with Frog and Toad1.70.5
    LobelSmall Pig1.70.5
    MarshallFox in Love1.80.5
    MarshallFox on Wheels1.90.5
    MarshallFox on the Job2.20.5
    MayerI Was So Mad1.60.5
    MayerJust for You1.60.5
    McKeeElmer and Wilbur2.10.5
    McPhailPigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!1.90.5
    MinarikLittle Bear1.50.5
    MossKnick Knack Paddywack1.50.5
    NumeroffIf You Give a Moose a Muffin1.90.5
    OsborneDinosaurs Before Dark21
    OsborneDolphins at Daybreak2.11
    OsborneThe Knight at Dawn2.21
    OsborneDay of the Dragon King2.31
    ParishCome Back, Amelia Bedelia1.80.5
    ParishAmelia Bedelia and the Surprise Party2.30.5
    ReyCurious George Visits the Zoo1.70.5
    RylantHenry & Mudge & the Long Weekend2.40.5
    SacharMarvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth2.41
    SeussThe Cat in the Hat20.5
    SeussThe Cat in the Hat Comes Back2.10.5
    SlateMiss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten1.50.5
    StevensonDon't Make Me Laugh2.10.5
    TabackJoseph Had a Little Overcoat1.70.5
    ViorstThe Good-Bye Book20.5
    WaberAn Anteater Named Arthur2.40.5
    YolenHow do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?1.60.5