• Dual Language Immersion at Sarah Smith Primary Campus
    We are excited to have a thriving Dual Language Immersion program here at Sarah Smith Primary Campus. The program has been a great success during our first two years, and we are excited to be in our fourth year during the 2019-2020 school year with DI students in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Our teachers, parents, and students are committed to the DI program and have built a strong community of learners committed to learning a new language and culture.

    The dual language model at Sarah Smith Elementary is a cohort of participants in a 50/50 Two-Way Spanish Model. Beginning in kindergarten, we strive to have 25 native Spanish speaking students and 25 native English speaking students who will be mixed together among two homerooms. Students will then spend half of their school day in an English only speaking classroom and the other half in a Spanish only speaking classroom. The cohort of approximately 50 students will move through elementary school together from grade to grade. Students will be reassigned to a new homeroom each school year, but will stay among the 50 DI students.

    We invite you to visit the APS World Language website to learn more about Dual Immersion at Sarah Smith Elementary and in Atlanta Public Schools. Please click here for additional information about Dual Immersion on the APS website. You may also contact Emily Boatright with questions specific to the program at Sarah Smith.

    The APS Dual Language Immersion Vision and Mission Statement
    APS Dual Language Immersion is a rigorous academic program that develops high linguistic and academic proficiency in two languages while simultaneously fostering positive cross-cultural attitudes.

    In a caring culture of global awareness, all APS dual language immersion students will graduate biliterate AND ready for college and career.

    Program Goals
    The purpose of the Dual Language Immersion program in Atlanta Public Schools is to move our students towards biliteracy through engaging instruction with inspiring teachers.

    The goals of the Dual Language Immersion program are:

    • To equip students with the skills that will enable them to function in a language other than their own; 
    • To develop communication skills that allow students to compete effectively in the global community; 
    • To develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence skills in two languages: 
    • To develop academic proficiency in all content areas;
    • To use technology and other non-print sources to absorb information; and
    • To increase awareness of students’ own culture and appreciate the culture(s) of others.

    2020 - 2021 Kindergarten DLI Application Dates
    Application Window begins during Kindergarten Round Up: March 9th
    All DLI Applications must be submitted by May 29th*
    (*Garden Hills Elementary will have an Early Decision Window from March 9th - 11th. All DLI applications for Garden Hills are due no later than March 11th and parents will be notified of results via email on March 12th.)
    The schools listed below provide a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program for students zoned to their schools and for the grade levels listed. Students begin in Kindergarten and continue each year. The application does not guarantee your child a spot. Should applications exceed the number of available slots, the school will determine placement via a lottery process conducted at the local school during the first week of June. Please contact your child's school for more information. School principals will notify parents of lottery results by June 8th.
    2020 - 2021 Dual Language Immersion Program Application Process
    DLI Program Admission is outlined in APS Board Policy JBC-R (4). Registering adults should complete the DLI application below and return the Dual Language Immersion application with the completed APS Student Enrollment form to their child's school prior to the deadline.

    Should interest in the DLI program exceed the number of available slots, parents will be notified and an internal lottery process conducted. After the first week of school, admission to fill any remaining seats will be allocated based on the waitlist results of the lottery. Priority admission is given to students zoned for the school and in the following order:

    1. Native speakers of the target language.
    2. Current DLI program students from another DLI program school with the same target language (A DLI program school is one in which 50% or more of daily instruction is provided in the target language by the primary classroom teacher.)
    3. Siblings of students already in the APS DLI program. Twins will be treated as one applicant in a lottery process.
    The APS DLI program only serves students who reside within the school's attendance zone unless the school is a designated Choice School.
    Kindergarten Dual Language Immersion Application for 2020 - 2021
    English Version: DLI Application K English
    Spanish Version: DLI Application K Spanish
    NOTE: Garden Hills Elementary will have a structured application process to better meet the needs of its community.
    Early Decision Window: March 9th - March 11th
    Regular Decision Window: March 12th - May 29th
    Native English speakers may only begin the DLI program in Kindergarten or 1st grade unless the student has prior participation in a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program or has sufficient proficiency in Spanish to meet the proficiency targets for that grade level. Native Spanish speakers who are new to the country may begin the DLI program at any grade level. Native/Heritage Spanish speakers who begin in grades 2nd or higher and who have been schooled only in English, will need to complete a Spanish language assessment to ensure sufficient proficiency to meet the proficiency targets for that grade level.
    If your child is not currently at one of the schools listed below and you would like your child to be considered for entry into the DLI program in 1st - 5th grade for 2020 - 2021, please download the application below. Completed applications should be submitted directly to the school.
    Dual Language Immersion Application for 2020 - 2021 (Grade levels other than Kindergarten)