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  • Welcome To Perkerson Elementary School

    Registration Information


    For assistance with enrollment and registration, please contact Mrs. Wright at (404) 802- 3958 to schedule an appointment. Please ensure that you bring all required registration documents to the appointment.


    Required Documents for Registration:

    1. Child’s Birth Certificate
    2. Child’s SSC
    3. Your photo ID &/or Homeowner ID
    4. Proof of Residency: 
    • Affidavit of Residency (Notarized)(Affidavit of Residency) **If you are NOT listed on the lease
    • Copy of current GA Power Bill 
    • First & Signature page of the lease 
    • 3 pieces of supporting Mail or Address change from USPS **If you are NOT listed on the lease
    5.  Child’s Hearing, Vision, & Dental Screening (GA 3300 Form)​
    6.  Child’s Immunizations Record (GA 3231 Form) (Fulton County Health Centers)
    7.  Proof of Legal Guardianship (Kinship Caregiver Affidavit Form) **If applicable
    8.  IEP Records/ 504 Plans/ Sp. Ed. Services Documents
    9. Last Report Card **1st - 5th grade enrollment

    Please see the QR code above. Scan the QR code for easy access to all the registration information that you need for your child this school year. We are here to help you! 

    • Kindergarten and New Student
      Please Note:
      All students, Kindergarten - 5th Grades, must live within the T.J. Perkerson School Zone or have been granted a School Choice Transfer from the Office of Student Relations. 
      Please note the following when registering your child for Kindergarten: 
      • Child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st to enroll in Kindergarten. 
      The following documents are required to register your child for kindergarten in the Atlanta Public School System:
      • Student Original Certified Birth Certificate
      • Student Original Social Security Card
      • Student Georgia Immunization Certificate Record (Form 3231)
      • Student Vision, Hearing, and Dental Form (Form 3300)
      • New Student Enrollment Form
      • Current Mortgage Statement/Deed/Lease/Rental Agreement (within 30 days of enrollment)
      • Current GA Power Bill (within 30 days of enrollment)
      • Notarized Affidavit of Residency
      • Valid GA Driver's License or Georgia Identification Card of Parent/Guardian
      In addition to the documents listed above, the following documents are required:
      • Withdrawal paperwork from previous school
      • Previous school's final report card showing grade placement for the new school year