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    Our Vision is to grow students into global citizens through the arts, language, and technology integration. 

    Mission: Through research-based strategies and intervention methods, Perkerson will create and empower college and career ready, service oriented, global citizens who are prepared for meeting state and national standards. With the support of all stakeholders, Perkerson Elementary will provide rigorous and engaging instruction in classrooms, enriched with positive interactions, technology, languages and the arts

    Motto: “Work Hard, Get Smart.”

    Beliefs and Values

    • Literacy is the gateway skill, and my focus is to ensure that every child spends the majority of the day reading and writing in all content areas.
    • Children learn best in a positive and challenging learning environment that is managed by caring and competent adults.
    • EVERY child regardless of their ability has the opportunity to learn with their general education peers to the greatest extent possible.

    We create global citizens and learners through high expectations in academics and citizenship and offer a quality education infused with the study of arts, language, and culture.