• We Believe. We Can. We Will.





                                                                 With a focus on college and career readiness, students are
                                                                 Inspired to
                                                                 Learn and lead



                                                                             At Perkerson Elementary School we are

                                                                  Creating learners and leaders who
                                                                  Together and
                                                                  Strive for success.


                                                                                                 Core Values

                                                                                               We believe that…


                                                                 1. All students deserve a quality education.
                                                                 2. Our responsibility is to set the foundation for our students to be college and career ready.
                                                                 3. Students must be proficient in reading by the end of third grade.
                                                                 4. Technology is an integral component to preparing our students for college and career.
                                                                 5. Contributions from parents and the community are vital to the success of our students.