• Welcome to Pekerson Elementary!






    Thomas Jeffersion Perkerson Elementary is a thriving, public elementary school in Southwest Atlanta that offers an array of unique educational programs to meet the needs of our diverse community. Perkerson serves the Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, and Sylvan Hills neighborhoods and has been a community school since 1992.

    In an Arts Integration themed school, the arts—movement, dance, visual arts, and music—are woven into instruction in all subjects, all classrooms. Among the goals of Arts Integration are increased student engagement, higher student achievement, and building a sense of community in the classroom as students encourage each other to take risks in artistic expression and communication. 


    Any Perkerson student who qualifies as a student with an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) benefits from a full range of inclusion opportunities. Students with I.E.P.s are challenged to apply their skills in and out of the classroom and to develop their full potential to succeed in an academic environment, in daily life at home, and in the community.

    Perkerson Elementary strives to be a diverse learning community built on shared responsibility, personal and community safety and respect. Together we will ensure that every child experiences the joys of learning, self-discovery, success and acceptance enabling each Perkerson student to reach their highest potential.

    We have an attractive, safe and conducive educational learning environment where teachers believe that failure is not an option.  Students have the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills for their future endeavors in small nurturing classrooms.  Parents, teachers, partners, administrators, and all stakeholders work for daily success of every child.

    We are excited about the 2017-2018 school year.