• Getting involved in clubs, sports, work or other pursuits outside the classroom can give you new skills and help you learn about yourself — and can be fun.

    Here’s something else you should know: Extracurriculars also play a part when you apply to colleges. Most college applications ask about your activities. That’s because the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you — in ways that grades and test scores can’t. Your accomplishments outside the classroom show what you’re passionate about and that you have qualities valued by colleges. Here are a few examples:

    • Serving in student government shows that you have leadership skills.
    • Being on the track team through high school shows that you’re able to make a long-term commitment.
    • Doing volunteer work at a hospital shows that you are dedicated to helping others.
    • Working a part-time job while keeping your grades up shows that you are responsible and can manage your time.

    Colleges want to know who you are and what you can do. Your activities help you show them. So put down the books and get out there!

    Your extracurricular activities help you show colleges who you are.

    Kinds of Activities

    Here are the most common kinds of extracurricular activities.

    School Activities

    These might include sports teams, special-interest clubs, a school newspaper, music groups and student government.

    Community Activities

    Examples are community theater, music, and art groups as well as local clubs and sports teams.


    Internships, summer jobs, part-time work, babysitting, delivering newspapers — it all counts.


    This might mean tutoring elementary school kids, helping out at the animal shelter or raising funds for a charity.


    The following clubs are available this 2016-2017 school year

    Math Club 
    Emory Pipeline
    Beta Club
    National Honor Society
    Science Club
    Student Government Association
    Book Club
    Fitness Club
    Drama Club
    The Dukes Foundation
    Gay Straight Alliance
    Spanish Club
    French Club
    Bioscience Club
    Poetry Club
    Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy
    Visual Arts Club

    Speech and Debate
    Young Writer's Group/Literary Journal
    Mock Trial/Moot Court
    Dukes Foundation
    Outward Bound
    Chess Club

    Brothers Building Up Brothers
    Young Sister's With Purpose