• 10th Grade/Sophomore





    • Continue to meet with your high school counselor about your educational and career goals.
    • Seek information about the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test), SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and the ACT (American College Testing)-- Information is available in your high school counselor’s office and/or www.collegeboard.com.
    • Seek information about college nights or events when college representatives will visit your school. Collect information about the colleges of interest to you.
    National College Fairs Resource
    Research different college/university websites for an overview of the school regarding types of majors, location, social aspect and other areas that you feel are important when choosing a college—information can be found in your high school counselor’s office.
    Take challenging courses which you can handle. (Pre-Advanced/Advanced Placement/Honors/International Baccalaureate) Seek tutorial sessions when needed.
    AP Courses and Exams
    Establish strong study habits and develop time management in order to balance school work and extracurricular activities.
    Seek summer enrichment programs that are college-focused or that offer activities and events related to college information and preparedness.
    The Importance of Summer Learning
    Use some of your downtime constructively by reading a book or doing crossword puzzles.
    • Get involved in school activities that interest you.
    • Volunteer in your community.
    • Talk with family members about financial savings plan for college.
    • If you and your family members do some traveling during spring break or summer, include a visit to a college or university.
    *Sophomore is an official designation based on credits. If you or your student has failed courses their 9th grade year they may still be considered a Freshman. Check with the 9th grade counselor to discuss credit recovery options.