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    NAHS has a robotics team! Click here to view the website. The "WARBOTZ" are thrilled to be supported for their new FRC #3694 team by JCPenney Northlake: $6500 grant, The North Atlanta High School Foundation: $5000 and Women in Technology: $3000 grant and would like to thank them for their support of our rookie team! Students are still encouraged to join the team; female students are especially encouraged to participate.  In addition to robot building students, we need students in business, finance, fundraising, design, reporting and journalism, web-design, PR, and cheerleading. 

     Here's a synopsis of the team's activities from team member Colton Andersen:

    "We all went to GA. Tech and it was very exciting and new. At kick-off, they gave us the kit for the robot and they explained the rules of the game. Afterward we went to our mentor, Mr. Rees' office and we began to design our robot that will compete in the competition. (The Peachtree Regional on March 17, 18 & 19th.) After the week of snow, we quickly began work on the robot. We got the basic frame built and we got it to move. We have some bugs and we’ve fixed them. After a bit of fine-tuning and tweaking, we started to get a little more advanced. We're hoping to begin the building of the arm mechanism next. The Fernbank Team came in and seemed very interested in building our mini-bot. (Team alliances are encouraged for the competition). They came up with many great ideas for the mini-bot (that comes out of our larger bot and climbs a pole to score points) and hope to get work started soon. Go Warbotz!