Dr. Michael Taylor- 6th Grade Assistant Principal

  • Dr. Taylor didn’t grow up in Atlanta, but has called the city his home for the past 15 years. Crisfield, once the “Seafood Capital of the World” on the lower eastern shore of Maryland, is where he enjoyed his formative years. Taylor resided in Las Vegas for 8 years before his move to Atlanta. His curriculum vitae reflects he is fearless when it comes to the pursuit of educational excellence:

    • BA, Criminology from Univ of Maryland;
    • MS, Criminal Justice Administration from Central Missouri State University;
    • MA, Elementary Teacher Education from the University of Phoenix;
    • MS, Strategic Studies from Air War College (Air University);
    • EdD, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; and
    • Turnaround School Principals' Training at Harvard.

    This school term Taylor begins his 7th year at RBMS. He also taught for 8 years prior to RBMS. “I chose education as a career because, just like my military experience, I saw it as a calling and equalizer.”  According to Taylor, “Studying and learning both the art and science of teaching to become the very best,” is the trek educators should take to arrive at their leadership destination.  Dr. Taylor and wife Jestine have been married for 23 years and are both avid travelers. He also enjoys watching sports, movies, and reading.