• Student Dress Code 2021-2022

    South Atlanta High School


    In support of student success, the Atlanta Board of Education sets expectations for student dress and grooming to avoid disruption of the instructional process, violation of health and safety standards, and offense of common standards of decency. Students have choices for the clothes they are allowed to wear to school. However, with the increase in choice there comes a greater student responsibility to follow the dress code as written. The dress code will be strictly enforced. Each infraction will be a part of the student’s disciplinary record. South Atlanta High School has a positive, academic environment, and there is no room for distractions created by inappropriate, revealing, or out of dress code clothing. Parents of South Atlanta High School students must be certain their child leaves home appropriately dressed following APS Board Policy JCDB and the SAHS Dress Code. Please refer to Atlanta Public Schools Dress Code in the Student Handbook at: http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/Page/723


    Student Dress Code

    The administration reserves the right to determine inappropriate dress that is disruptive to the school environment. While the list below does not include every possible infraction, the following can be used as a guide for student dress code expectations:


    Head/ Hair Guidelines

    • Student hair should be clean and neatly groomed.
    • Students may not wear hats, sweatbands or bandanas. * Exception: Approved religious headwear


    General Dress Guidelines

    • Excessively tight clothing may be deemed inappropriate by the administration.
    • Student shirts may not have holes in them and frayed jeans must not show skin.
    • Students may not wear clothing, jewelry, bracelets or accessories that advertise by name or symbol any products that are not permitted in schools, including but not limited to: drugs, profanity, alcohol, obscenities, tobacco, gangs, neighborhood affiliations, or slogans suggestive in sexual, discriminatory, or violent ways.
    • The following are not permitted: clothing with low‐hanging or split sides, see‐through clothing, halter tops, midriffs, fishnet tops, racer‐back shirts, V‐back shirts, shirts with spaghetti straps or shirts which expose cleavage.
    • Students are not permitted to wear sleepwear, pajama pants, leggings, activewear, slippers, slides, or house shoes at any time.
    • Female students may wear skirts and shorts at mid-thigh length or longer. Short skirts or shorts may not be worn, even if pants, shorts, or leggings are worn underneath.
    • Female students may wear sleeveless shirts, but the straps must be neck to shoulder in width. Wearing multiple shirts to satisfy the width requirement is a violation of dress code policy.


    Consequences for Violating Dress Code:

    1st Offense:   Parent brings change of clothes or student trades clothing for a SAHS school uniform

    2nd Offense:  SEL Dress Code Assignment and Parent Call Home

    3rd and All Subsequent Offenses: Student enters the APS Student Handbook DIsciplinary Process in Reference to Dress Code