Policy for Changing a Student's Mode of Transportation

  • Your child’s well-being and safety are our first and foremost priority at all times. Therefore, we encourage you to keep your child’s after school routine as consistent as possible. However, we realize that there will be times when you will need to alter your normal routine. For these occasions:

    ·        Please write a note detailing all information regarding the transportation change and including your signature.Please include the child’s name, teacher’s name, and change of plans (bus number, carpool, and walker). Please ensure you or your child turn this note into the main office upon arriving to school.

    ·        The front office or parent center staff will deliver this information to the teacher. 

    For the safety of our children, all changes of transportation must be in writing and include a parent signature. NO CHANGES IN TRANSPORTATION CAN BE MADE VIA TELEPHONE. It is important that you and your child discuss how s/he is going home, and that the teacher is aware of your plans, particularly any changes you make to your normal routine. Please remember that this written notification is required to ensure that the staff is aware of any changes. This is an important security issue and requires the cooperation of all parents!

    REMINDER: Students are not allowed to ride a different bus or ride the bus home with a friend if they normally walk or carpool home – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

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