• Student Support Team

    The Student Support Team is a state mandated school-based intervention process. The purpose of the Student Support Team is to provide teachers with a broad spectrum of strategies and models of intervention to improve their delivery of effective instruction. There are six steps in the Student Support Team process. These steps are:

    • Identification of needs
    • Assessment, if necessary
    • Educational plan
    • Implementation
    • Follow-up and support
    • Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

    The Student Support Team process consists of a committee of school-based and resource personnel, as well as the parents and when necessary, the student. This team brainstorms, collaborates and develops modifications, strategies and/or accommodations for teachers and staff to implement in order to ensure student progress, success and the receipt of appropriate and effective assistance.

    The Student Support Team assists students experiencing difficulties in a number of areas. This includes students who are experiencing a lack of academic progress, are medically challenged, display behavior of emotional problems, are Section 504 eligible or are in need of homebound instruction.  For more information on the SST process, please contact:  

    Pamela Reaves