• Principal Selection Process 

    Principal positions shall be filled through advertisement and interviewing or through direct appointment* unless the Board approves a different procedure for filling a vacancy.


    1. Associate Superintendent will notify the Office of Human Resources of principal vacancy.


    1. The Office of Human Resources and Associate Superintendent will establish a hiring timeline for the vacancy.


    1. The Office of Human Resources will announce vacancies for principal positions and advertise both locally and nationally through online postings and social media.


    1. In collaboration with the Associate Superintendents, the office of Human Resources will review the applications, verify qualified candidates, facilitate pre-screening interviews, and develop a pool of quality applicants eligible to participate in the formal interview process.


    1. The Associate Superintendent will meet with the community and staff to develop a school leadership profile.


    1. The Associate Superintendent, school GO Team Chairperson and a representative from the Office of Human Resources will identify six (6) individuals from the applicant pool to participate in the Tier 3 interview process. The six candidates will be invited to Tier 3 interviews. One or more cluster team principals, district personnel, and/or external partners may also assist with the selection.


    1. The Office of Human Resources will verify references via phone and complete the telephone reference form.


    1. The appropriate Associate Superintendent, HR Staffing Director, and Local School Governance Team (LSGT/”GOTeam”) ** members will meet to develop interview questions. This panel will interview Tier 3 candidates (5-6 from Tier 2) and provide input on each candidate’s strengths and areas to probe. In addition, the panel will also select 3 candidates who will be invited to a Tier 4 interview with the Superintendent and designees.


    1. A panel consisting of the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and/or Associate Superintendent will interview the three Tier 4 finalists.


    1. Upon receipt of candidate clearance from the Office of Human Resources, the Superintendent will make the final selection.


    1. Once the Superintendent selects a candidate for the principal position, the Office of Human Resources will contact the candidate and offer the position, contingent upon Board approval. The candidate will be asked to maintain confidentiality until the Tuesday following the Board meeting.


    1. A representative from the Office of Human Resources will contact the candidates interviewed by the Superintendent, who were not selected for the position, the Friday prior to the Board meeting.


    1. The Board of Education will approve the appointment on consent agenda as recommended by the Superintendent.


    1. The Associate Superintendent will schedule a faculty meeting to introduce the new principal to the staff. A reception will be held in honor of the new principal during this week to introduce him/her to the school community. The Associate

    Superintendent’s office will send a letter to parents inviting them to the reception.


    1. The Associate Superintendent will notify the school community and staff regarding details about a reception for the introduction of the new principal.


    *Direct Appointment:

    If necessary, the Superintendent will review the following factors and make a direct appointment:

    • the support of the community and staff for a successful interim principal,
    • the status of a high needs school vulnerable to the Turnaround School criteria,
    • the need to ensure the safety/security of the campus, and/or
    • the need to ensure a successful opening of the school year.


    **Local School Governance Team (LSGT/“GO Team”):

    The panel should be comprised of an odd number of participants and have a fair representative among stakeholders (7-15 members). The composition of the GO Team includes: 

    • 9 voting members*, except for High School LSGT, (1 student voting member at HS level)
    • 3 Parents/guardians elected by parents/guardians
    • 3 Non-Supervisory Instructional Staff elected by staff
    • 2 Community members recommended by the principal and ratified by a majority of votes of the LSGT
    • 1 HS/MS student (voting member at high school level), nominated by LSGT, and
    • 1 "Swing Seat" recruited by the principal/or members of the LSGT and ratified by LSGT.



    *The district reserves the right to expand the principal interview process to involve additional participants, including, but not limited to, district employees, parents and other community stakeholders.


    Revised: March 2019


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