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    Download the Manual

    From Basic Navigation and Time Data Basics to Staff Scheduling and Timecard Maintenance and Review, the Workforce Timekeepers and Managers Manual will guide you through the ins and outs of our Kronos Upgrade. 

    Click here download the PDF.


    Download the Training Presentation

    Walk through the new features, basic tasks and requirements, and get instructions for installing and using the mobile app. 

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    Download the Quick Start Guide

    Download and print this handy quick start guide to get up to speed on system vocabulary and common tasks to make your work faster and more efficient.

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    What is the Kronos upgrade?
    Kronos is our district timekeeping tool and it will be upgraded.  Currently, we use version 6.1 and we are upgrading to 8.0.15.  Simply put, we are on a very old version and we are moving to a newer version that is completely different. 

    Why are we upgrading?
    The newer version offers more functionality for increased accuracy and processing efficiency. Also, it provides more flexibility in reporting.

    Who will this Upgrade Impact?
    ALL Atlanta Public Schools Employees.

  • Is training required?
    Yes, all timekeepers and managers are required to attend training to have access to the new version of Kronos.  Remember timekeepers reconcile and approve timecards and managers sign off.

    New features and updated processes will be discussed during training.  To make sure every paycheck impacted by Kronos is reconciled correctly by timekeepers and managers, training is required.  Access will be restricted to only those who have completed upgrade training.

    I am a manager but I do not sign-off on time, do I still need to attend training?
    Yes, one of the new features we will be introducing is the new leave request process available in Kronos.  Employees will now request leave directly in Kronos and managers will need to approve leave requests in Kronos.  We will review this process during training.

    Where do you register for training?
    Log in to MyPLC and choose your appropriate course.