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Federal Shutdown Substitute FAQ

In summary, substitutes provide instruction to students and ensure continuity of appropriate learning during the absence of teachers. Substitutes perform related duties in lieu of the absent teacher, or in a class that does not have an assigned teacher. This position is on-call and is assigned based on operational needs.

The most important qualification is not educational attainment or certifications, it is a desire to care for students and ensure they continue learning, even when their permanent teacher is absent. Experience working/volunteering with youth is preferable. At minimum, substitutes must have earned a high school diploma or GED Equivalent and pass a criminal background check. We recognize that this search for income was not planned so to expedite this process we are allowing three special, TEMPORARY concessions:

  • We will accept a copy of the educational credential (diploma, GED, degree, unofficial transcripts showing degree conferred).
  • The $45.00 fee for background processing is being waived (You must bring your Work ID to show proof of Federal Employment)
  • We are waiving the SubDiploma Requirement.

Although there are absences daily, substitute assignments are not guaranteed. The workday of a substitute employee is the same as the full time employee in which you are replacing.  The normal workday is 7.5 hours, with a 30-minute duty free lunch period.

There are a few ways to access available assignments:

  1. www.aesoponline.com. Substitutes may access the web-based service we use to advertise and fill assignments. You can log in 24/7 to see available assignments.
  2. The AESOP/Frontline system will also make phone calls to fill available assignments. Be sure you set your preferences in a way to allow calls as early as possible so you have a better chance of securing assignments.
  3. You can call 404-802-0029 or 1-800-942-3767 to log in to the AESOP/Frontline system by phone. You can listen to all available assignments and accept them using touch tone responses.

In general, work completed the 1st-15th of the month is paid on the last working day of the month and work completed 16th-30th is paid the 15th of the following month. If the 15th or the last day of the month falls on a holiday or on a weekend, you will be paid the day prior to the holiday or weekend. Substitutes are paid based on the jobs worked and reported in AESOP/Frontline/Frontline. All payroll checks are directly deposited into employees’ bank accounts. APS does not issue paper checks or pay stubs.

Please send an email to substituteservices@atlanta.k12.ga.us and we will change your status to inactive and remove you from any assignments you’d accepted for future dates.