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    Program Overview:

    Atlanta Public Schools' Instructional Leadership Development Program (formerly known as aspiring assistant principal program), and the Aspiring Principal Program are designed for internal employees who wish to learn more about Atlanta Public Schools’ approach to leadership development, and pursue a position as an instructional leader, assistant principal, or principal in Atlanta Public Schools within the next 1-2 years.  Members of aspiring leader programs will participate in hands-on learning experiences that will enable them to utilize Atlanta Public Schools’ Definition of Leadership Excellence in order to achieve student success, engage families and the community, develop other leaders, and manage resources within Atlanta Public Schools.  The 70/20/10 leadership development model will be used to increase participants' understanding of APS’ Definition of Leadership Excellence as they matriculate through the program each school year. Participants do not currently have to hold a leadership certificate to enroll in the aspiring assistant principal program. 

    Program Commitments:

    1. Attend monthly sessions in order to become familiar with Definitions of Leadership Excellence and how they will assist in increasing student achievement in Atlanta Public Schools
    2. Create a school improvement project to solve a current problem that your school or organization faces, and work with other staff members on solutions aligned to the Definition of Leadership Excellence
    3. Maintain a portfolio inclusive of artifacts demonstrating experiences utilizing the Definition of Leadership Excellence
    4. Engage in group discussions around school improvement and leadership development, including face-to-face and electronic communications
    5. Self-assess against Definition of Leadership Excellence
    6. Engage in feedback sessions with peers, mentors and other leaders in the district
    7. Complete stretch role assignments that will improve experiences by applying the Definition of Leadership Excellence
    8. Receive support from Director of Leadership Development, Principals, Aspiring Principal Coaches, Associate Superintendents, Deputy Superintendent, District Partners and other leaders
    9. Research best practices and strategies for school improvement and leadership development
    10. Shadow school and district leaders throughout the school year
    11. Apply content learned during monthly sessions to current work at schools and offices
    12. Utilize the 70/20/10 leadership development model to increase understanding of Definitions of Leadership and Teaching Excellence
    13. Prepare to apply to APS' Instructional Coach Pool, Assistant Principal Pool or Principal Pool during the upcoming school year

    What are the components of the Aspiring Leaders Program?

    There are 4 core components of the Aspiring Leaders Programs, as described below.

    1. Professional Development Workshop Series - Aspiring Leaders will engage in interactive professional development workshops from 4-7:30pm between August and April. Workshops will be facilitated by internal and external experts and focused on key aspects of APS’ Definition of Leadership Excellence.
    2. Hands-On Practice - There are 3 types of hands-on practice intended to support Aspiring Leaders in applying their learning to impact their schools and gain relevant experience: 1) All participants will select and complete a School Improvement Project in partnership with their school teams 2) Each workshop will be accompanied by an “Essential Experience” that will challenge participants to apply what they have learned in their schools 3) Assistant Principals will have the option to apply for and lead APS’ Summer School programming. All hands-on practice opportunities and resulting artifacts/outcomes will be documented via an electronic portfolio to support coaching, communities of practice and preparation for AP and Principal interviews. 
    3. Personalized Coaching - Each aspiring leader will be partnered with an experienced APS leader to serve as a coach and facilitator throughout the program.  Coaches will support aspiring leaders through focused monthly coaching conversations focused on honing their leadership skills, successfully completing their school improvement project and/or preparing for AP or Principal interviews. In addition to working with a coach, aspiring leaders will develop a 70/20/10 improvement plan with their principal to ensure they are receiving targeted support to complete their school improvement project and master core leadership skills.
    4. Community of Practice - During each workshop, aspiring leaders will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to reflect on their learning and receive support on their Essential Experiences and School Improvement Projects.


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    Sample Leadership Development Series

     Wardell Hunter

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