• What is APS’ Definition of Leadership Excellence?

    Definition of Teaching Excellence (DLE) was created to articulate APS' collective and aspirational vision for excellent leadership and give us shared language to collaboratively work towards achieving this vision. As our vision for excellent leadership evolves, based on observed excellence in APS schools and schools across the nation, we will ensure our Definition of Excellence evolves with it.

    How will DLE be used?

    • Leader Hiring, Coaching, Development (non-evaluative) and Recognitions
    • New Leader Orientation and Induction
    • Professional Learning Community Development
    • Talent Reviews

    How should DLE be used?

    Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches and teacher-leaders should use DLE as a guiding tool to develop Professional Growth Plans, to implement regular cycles of helpful feedback and to drive self-reflection. Instructional leaders are encouraged to observe schools using DLE, identify “Core Leader Behaviors” that are areas of strengths and growth, and then identify an aligned “Core Leader Skill” to focus on for feedback and development.  In addition, leaders are encouraged to use DLE as a foundation for their leader-hiring processes, the development of Professional Learning Plans, ongoing professional development, and leader recognitions. Additionally, DLE can be used to inform on-boarding of new instructional leaders.

    How was DLE created?

    A diverse team of APS principals and district staff met to review and revise DLE to further clarify and expand APS' vision of excellent leadership. In addition to drawing from the expertise of this diverse team, DLE revisions were based on the ground-breaking and inspirational work of the following thought-leaders and sources:

    • APS' Leadership Framework
    • Student Achievement Partners
    • Paul-Bambrick Santoyo
    • Jim Knight
    • Robert Marzano
    • Leverage Leadership
    • Get Better Faster
    • Georgia DOE (LKES)
    • The Art of Coaching
    • Talent Masters
    • Bridgespan
    • TNTP


    APS' Definition of Leadership Excellence


    APS' Definition of Teaching Excellence