• APS’ Leadership Readiness Criteria


    Readiness Criteria prioritize the experiences, skills and competencies that a leader will need to take on the next level of leadership at APS. Purposefully not comprehensive, the Readiness Criteria attempts to focus Talent Review conversations on what matters most upon entry into the role.

    Intended Use

    • Guide discussions to determine whether a team member has demonstrated excellence required to advance in leadership
    • Allow leadership selection team/hiring managers to calibrate and norm around clear criteria for advancement into a new leadership role
    • Backwards plan development opportunities that prepare leaders for both current and future roles
    • Not intended to automatically disqualify a team member from consideration if all criteria are not met, rather pinpoint where greater discussion may be needed
    • Not intended to be a comprehensive list of attributes to consider, therefore, someone may meet all of the criteria and still not be considered ready due to other factors


    APS' Readiness Criteria