• New assistant prinicpals to Atlanta Public Schools will have the opportunity to be part of the district's New Assistant Principal Induction Program.  The program is designed to provide support to school leaders who are new to the role of assistant principal in Atlanta Public Schools.  New assistant principals will be assigned a mentor, who is a successful current sitting Assistant Principal in Atlanta Public Schools, to provide guidance and expertise on APS' Definition of Leadership Excellence.  New assistant principals and their mentors engage in multiple workshop series on development of high leverage topics related to APS' Definition of Leadership Excellence domains.  

    Definition of Leadership Excellence Series Topics

    Build Culture: Crucial Conversations and Effective Communication 

    Lead Academics and Develop Talent: Professional Development Facilitation

    Lead Academics and Develop Talent: Coaching, Feedback and Support

    Lead Academics: Testing, Assessments and Accountability

    Lead Academics: Remediation and Enrichment

    Manage Operations: Master Scheduling

    Manage Operations: Budgeting and Allocation of Resources

    Manage Operations: End of Year Procedures


    What do participants say about the New Assistant Principal Induction Program? 

    "The program provides opportunities to collaborate with others who are learning effective ways to tackle the many tasks assigned to Assistant Principals."

    "These sessions help keep us on track as new administrators."


     Wardell Hunter

    Wardell C. Hunter III, EdD

    Director, Leadership Development