What is the GO Team?

  • As of July 1, 2016, Atlanta Public Schools has become a Charter System. Adopting this new operating model allows schools more freedom and flexibility to find new ways to boost student achievement. Parents, educators and community members can now share in the decision-making process by joining or communicating with the school’s GO Team.

    A Local School Governance Team (GO Team) in each school is the method APS will use to get the community, parents and teachers involved in decision making to maximize educational opportunities for our students. A Go Team is voted on by the community and put in place to help guide decision making. Learn more about the APS Charter System and GO Teams to see how you can get involved!

How does the SPARK GO Team support the school?

  • The SPARK GO Team recently completed and approved a 3 year strategic plan for our school.  The plan takes a look at 4 areas to improve, which also align with the Midtown Signature Program. 

    The areas from the Midtown Cluster plan incorporated into the SPARK plan include:

    • Academics – Improve student achievement, attendance, and graduation rate
    • Talent – Improve teacher quality
    • Resources – Ensure GO Team effectiveness
    • Culture – Ensure school

    The strategic plan lays out goals for each section, how those goals will be measured and initiatives to help change/improve the goals. The GO Team is now forming committees to execute the Strategic Plan and would like the involvement and help of parents and teachers.

    Please join us to learn more about SPARK’s strategic plan and how you can help.

Last Modified on June 1, 2022