Afterschool Programs

  • SPARK has several afterschool options to suit families' needs and kids' desires. Please take a moment to read the below information thoroughly.  

    On-Site Afterschool Daycare

    SPARK has one afterschool daycare program that is on-site at main campus, SPARK Afterschool (SPAS). SPAS is available for all SPARK students, Kindergarten through 5th grade. In order to participate, you must register your child and pay a monthly fee. Afterschool daycare will be available for Pre-K students for the 2024-2025 school year. 
    CLICK HERE to enroll your child or learn more. 

    Off-Site Afterschool Daycare

    There are many off-site afterschool daycare programs that you may want to consider for your child and family. Please see the list of off-site daycare programs that have worked with SPARK over the years below. For more information, click on the name of the afterschool program for how to register your child. 
    Once all school buses have left campus, afterschool program vans & buses will pull into the bus loop off of Ponce de Leon Avenue at approximately 2:55-3:00pm. SPARK will then call students from each afterschool program to board their bus/van. Afterschool program bus drivers will check to ensure that students are marked present and accounted for before leaving campus. 
    Check out the afterschool daycare options below and see what works best for you and your family.

    SPARK After School (SPAS)
    Location: On site at Springdale Park Elementary
    Phone: (404) 433-6126  
    Contact: Kim Bishop

    CampUs Kids 
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 2108 Briarcliff Rd. 30329 (Peachtree Baptist Church)
    Contact: Mrs. Priscilla Morgan 
    Phone: 404-988-3698  Cell - 305-299-4686  

    The Children’s School
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 345 10th Street
    Contact: Mr. Vaughn Benjamin
    Phone: 404-835-4618

    (pick up at SPARK)
    Provides after school sports and fit­ness classes.
    Location: 502 Seminole Ave. 30307
    Contact: David Epstein -


    Druid Hills Child Development Center
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 1026 Ponce De Leon 30306
    Phone: 404-875-5019
    Contact: Whitney Farley 

    Glenn After School
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church
    Contact: Ms. Kathy Wells
    Phone: 404-320-9528

    Kids Academy
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 637 Boulevard NE, 30308
    Contact: Quaya Chatman & Danielle Erwin 
    Phone: 404-872-0848

    Little 5 Points Music Center
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 1127 Colquitt Ave.
    Contact: Phil Sims
    Phone: 404-614-0466

    Jewish Kids Group
    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 1324 North Highland Ave. NE
    Contact: Debbie Denenberg
    Phone: 404-202-9774

    Atlanta Montessori International School

    (pick up from SPARK)
    Location: 1215 South Ponce De Leon Avenue
    Contact: Paula Hermano
    Phone: 404-325-6777