• Infinite Campus Parent Portal | Lockport Township High School District 205

    Do you want to have access to your child's class schedules, attendance records and grades? Then create a Parent Portal account on Infinite Campus today!

    Step 1: Activation Key

    In order to create a parent portal account, you will need an activation key from Springdale Park. This should be provided to you when your child enrolls. However, you can also CLICK HERE to lookup your activation key. 

    Step 2: Create your Account

    1. CLICK HERE to create your account. Make sure you choose “Campus Parent” to create your account!

    2. Select New User? to open the Campus Portal Activation Key option.

    Step 3: Activate your Account

    1. Another screen will display >> New User?.
    2. Enter the Activation Key assigned to you. Once the Activation Key has been used to create an account, it cannot be used again.
    3. Click the Submit button. The Activation Key will be verified, and when approved, a screen will prompt the user to create a username and password.


    Step 4: Creating your Username and Password

    1. Enter a Username. Use an alphanumeric (both letters and numbers) username.
    2. Enter a Password. Use an alphanumeric password. Passwords should be at least 6 characters long. If system preferences have been set to require a Strong Password, it must meet three of the four qualifications:
      1. A lower case letter (a, j, r, etc.)
      2. An upper case letter (A, J, R, etc.)
      3. A number (3, 7, 1, etc.)
      4. A symbol (@, %, &, etc.)
    3. Re-enter the password in the Verify Password field.
    4. Click the Create Account button.



    If you have any questions about creating your parent portal account, please reach out to Kim Ryan via email (kimberly.ryan@aspk12.org).