Grady Cluster Schools

  • Springdale Park Elementary School is part of the Grady Cluster within APS. Our Cluster is made up of 6 schools – Grady High School, Inman Middle School, Hope Hill Elementary, Mary Lin Elementary,  Morningside Elementary, and Springdale Park Elementary. The purpose of working as a cluster is to build stronger schools and clusters to ensure consistent high quality academics and focused programming exists across the district. Working together provides the ability to enhance the alignment of schools within a cluster and increase the levels of flexibility and autonomy from the district-level to the cluster and school levels.

    This team of 11 parents and 6 principals (from 6 Grady Cluster schools) is part of an APS-driven cluster planning initiative designed to create a common vision and strategic plan for the future of each cluster within APS.

    The parents serving on the Grady cluster committee are:

    SPARK – Mark Rebillot and Heather Hallett
    Hope Hill – Priscilla Borders
    Morningside – Jennifer Ide and Michelle Constantindes
    Mary Lin – Kim Meyer and Tamara Jones
    Inman – Kathy Boehmer and Regina Brewer
    Grady – Sharon Bray and Christa Martin

Last Modified on July 11, 2019