Midtown Cluster

  • Springdale Park Elementary School is part of the Midtown Cluster within APS. Our Cluster is made up of 7 schools – Midtown High School, Howard Middle School,  Hope Hill Elementary, Mary Lin Elementary,  Morningside Elementary, Virginia Highland Elementary, and Springdale Park Elementary. The purpose of working as a cluster is to ensure consistent high quality academics and focused programming. Working together provides the ability to enhance the alignment of schools within a cluster and increase the levels of flexibility and autonomy from the district-level to the cluster and school levels. 

    Midtown Cluster Advisory Team (CAT)

    As a part of our charter district status, the Midtown Cluster created a Cluster Advisory Team. This team of 7 parents and 7 principals (from 7 Midtown Cluster schools) is part of an APS-driven cluster planning initiative designed to create a common vision and strategic plan for the future of each cluster within APS.   


Last Modified on June 20, 2023