• Springdale Park Elementary has a Safety Plan that is regularly practiced with our students. Below, are some of the details that APS has approved for distribution, which we would like to share: 

    • All training and emergency guidelines are in compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA). 
    • All schools are required to send personnel to Safety Coordinators training yearly. 
    • Safety plans are reviewed and approved by Atlanta Public School Safety and Security Department, the Atlanta Fire Department, and Atlanta Police Department Detectives Unit. 
    • Monthly emergency drills include the seven types –Bomb, Intruder, Tornado, Fire, Bus Evacuation, AED, and Earthquake. 
    • All Fire Drills are monitored by the Atlanta Fire Department. 
    • Every school has staff on hand trained in CPR/AED and First Aid. 
    • Police and Security have direct access to APS Close Circuit Television at each school. 
    • APS has 24 hour Emergency Communications Center with 911. 

    If there is an emergency whereby we must leave or evacuate the school there is a procedure in place. If this happens, SPARK will work in conjunction with the Atlanta Public Schools to notify parents via a robo-call and/or an emergency SPARK-e. Morningside Elementary is our Reunification site. 

    Much of the SPARK Safety Plan cannot be shared for security reasons. If you have any further questions please contact the school administration.