• A review of records has indicated that many of our students do not have the required Georgia Department of Public Health Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231) or a documented exemption on file at school.

    Each student must have one of these documents on file to remain enrolled in school.

    The Official Code of Georgia provides for only two types of exemptions from immunization requirements:
    1. Medical: Medical exemption for a vaccine should be submitted on the advice of your child’s physician. Medical exemptions must be submitted each year.
    2. Religious: For a child to be exempt from immunizations on religious grounds, the parent or guardian must provide the school with a notarized Affidavit of Religious Objection to Immunization (DPH Form 2208). The affidavit does not expire and can be found at this link:
    http://dph.georgia.gov/sites/dph.georgia.gov/files/DPH%20Form%202208%20Religious%20Objection%20to%20Immunization%20%28FINAL%29.pdf .
    If your child has received all of the required immunizations, please provide an updated Form 3231 to the school.

    If your child has not received all of the required immunizations, please see your healthcare provider or visit a local health department near you. In addition, if your child receives these vaccines, please have the healthcare provider review the updated immunization record for accuracy and completeness. Again, all vaccines must be listed in the GA 3231 Immunization record.

    If you need to locate a clinic near year, a list of some clinics in the Atlanta area is on the back of this letter.
    If you have any question about these or your child’s immunization status, please contact your healthcare provider or local health department.