• Other Ways to Give @ South Atlanta

    Donor's Choose

    South Atlanta's teachers have several projects that could use a helping hand, from chess boards for the library to video equipment for the digital media classes, there are always things that classes can use for their projects. See what projects are available here: 


    Care Closet

    Our Care Closet is how we support students who are in need of basic care. The closet contains canned goods, hygeine products, clothes and items like detergent for washing clothes. You can always drop-off items at the front office to be placed in the care closet. During winter items like:




    Hoodies/Sweatshirts, etc. 


    There are items that each department will need on a rollling basis that we can't always acquire through other means. The athletic department will always need detergent for washing uniforms, duffle bags for athletes, and sneakers of varying sizes for basketball, football and track & field. Our art department can never have enough paint, brushes and canvas materials and every semester there will be students who need bookbags filled with supplies. You can call the school at 404-802-5000 to speak with our Assistant Principals to identify immediate needs or drop these items off in our front office.