W.M. Finch Elementary School


     Welcome Parents, Students and Guests! I am excited to start a new productive year with our third grade students! Please feel free to contact me a bsims@atlanta.k12.ga.us.



    Eagle’s Oath:

    I, Brandy Sims, adhere to the following duties and responsibilities:


    • Foster a sense of community and belonging.
    • Help students take responsibility for learning.
    • Strive for growth personally and professionally
    • Provide opportunities for academic success and student differentiation based on individual needs.
    • Be patient and help our student in every way possible.
    • Provide time for positive feedback.
    • Support and encourage
    • Reinforce standards when needed based on student readiness and achievement.
    • Have a clear understanding of the curriculum.
    • Communicate frequently with student and parent(s).
    • Make sure the students attend school regularly and on-time.
    • Support my team with a positive attitude, resources, collaboration, and an open mind.


    I believe that I have the responsibility to ensure the academic success of all my students. They will feel a part of the class and safe to engage in all tasks, ask questions and not feel threatened. Students will receive what they need and learn how to take accountability for their learning as I teach them the skills they need. Parents are open to ask questions and discuss student achievement and work.  These duties will be consistent and viable, Everyday….All Day….All Year!!
    Language Arts- Verbs and Informational Writing
    Math- Area and Perimeter/ Circles
    Science- Heat and Energy
    Social Studies-Frederick Douglass
    Upcoming Events
    Field Trip to State Capital- December 14th
    Winter Celebration-December 19th
    School Closed- December 21st- January 3rd