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    Welcome to Atlanta Public Schools! Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is one of the largest districts in Georgia, serving more than 52,700 students at 106 learning sites throughout Atlanta, including two single gender campuses and 17 charter schools. APS is organized into nine high school clusters with distinct feeder patterns. The vision of Atlanta Public Schools is to be a high performing school district where students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage and the community trusts the system. The district has laid the foundation for this vision with the development of the 2015-2020 “Strong Students, Strong Schools, Strong Staff, Strong System” strategic plan. This plan reflects our focus on strengths as a district.

    As a new or returning employee, your orientation experience is very important to us because APS students depend on all stakeholders, internal and external, to work together toward one comprehensive, aligned strategic plan that is focused on building hope and success for our students. The “strong staff” orientation experience at APS consists of:

    ·         Onboarding in the Human Resources department prior to starting work

    ·         Gallup StrengthsFinder professional development in the first month of employment

    ·         New Employee Orientation Day in the first month of employment

    ·         Worksite orientation from your New Employee Ambassador over the first 90 days of employment

    Strategic Objectives

    1.    Recruit and retain the best talent at APS.

    2.    Continually develop, recognize and compensate staff.

    3.    Foster a caring culture of trust and collaboration.

    4.    Engage staff with Gallup’s StrengthsFinder tools and processes to encourage a shift in the organization from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

    5.    Build on the current ethics training program and implement new strategies to ensure our staff are applying ethical practices across our organization and living up to our core beliefs and established norms.

    6.    Ensure staff are well-informed and invested in the system’s mission and vision.

    Orientation Program Goals

    1.    All full-time employees receive new hire orientation within their first 30 days of employment.

    2.    New employees receive a dedicated new hire ambassador who will take an active role in their continued induction to their work site.

    3.    Orientation programming emphasizes a focus on individual employee strengths.

    4.    After orientation, employees will have knowledge of tools and resources to support their success in APS.

    Orientation Program Summary

    1.    Orientation for bus drivers, principals, and teachers will be provided in the summer.

    2.    A similar new hire orientation will be provided for all other employees (and late hires) throughout the school year.

    3.    New hire orientation will be offered monthly (adjusted for hiring volume.)

    4.    A calendar of all sessions for the year will be available and published in advance.

    5.    A robust communication plan with multiple methods will be used to continuously publicize the program to new employees, their supervisors, presenters, and key stakeholders.

    6.    The new hire orientation day will be paired with a new hire ambassador at the employee’s work site and a new hire checklist to continue the orientation beyond a single day.

    7.    The new hire orientation day will be supplemented with online learning and aligned to individual employee learning profiles.

    8.    The content of orientation will focus on culture, norms and individual strengths, while also providing information about employee tools and resources.

    9.    The format and delivery of the program will model best instructional practices for adult learning.

    Key Components of New Hire Orientation Day

    1.    Keynote from Superintendent

    2.    Introduction of strategic plan and core norms

    3.    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Workshop

    4.    Gallup StrengthsFinder orientation

    5.    Rotation of department booths (i.e. payroll, security, benefits, absence management, technology, and professional development)

    Helpful Links

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