• What is the Fun Run?

    The SPARK Fun Run is our high energy student and family driven fundraiser in October. Working together as a school, grade, class and individually our students raise money to make SPARK the best elementary school possible! Our 2023 fundraising campaign focuses on STEAM initiatives – from supplies for environmental science and classroom lessons to teacher professional development and so much more! For the 2023 - 2024 school year, the goal is to raise at least $30,000 to ensure SPARK has all the STEAM supplies and support it needs to achieve the best educational experience for our kids and receive state STEAM certification.

    Celebration Icons PNGs for Free DownloadFor the 2023 - 2024 school year, we raised over $34,000 for our SPARK community! Amazing work! 

2023 - 2024 Information

  • Free T-Shirt and Lots of Color

    All students will receive a special SPARK Fun Run t-shirt to wear at the run. Note that our Fun Run is a color run ensuring a super exciting (if slightly messy) morning! Parent volunteers will be throwing colored powder (corn starch with color) for students to run through.


    Over the last few years, SPARK has partnered with to create our incredible SPARK Fun Run. Our students, teachers and community have understood that in order to make money, you have to spend money to solicit the help needed to raise large sums of money to be used within the school.  As we’ve learned, our teachers are busy and simply can't do everything and in many instances our PTO is stretched thin as well.  Our community supports when they can, but for large fundraising events such as the Fun Run, we need dedicated people who can focus their time, attention and energy to making sure that this event is successful for our school and most importantly for our students.  This is why we love having the support of Boosterthon!

    Important Dates

    The SPARK Fun Run will hold the student-only Kick-Off Pep Rally on Thursday, October 19th.  The week of October 23rd is our Fun Run Week and on October 27th, we will have our Fun Run!  Parents/Guardians are invited and encouraged to join us at the Fun Run on October 27th


    Kindergarten, 1st Grade, & Mr. Cameron's Class - 8:15

    2nd and 3rd Grade - 9:30

    4th and 5th Grade - 10:45

Q & A

  • How does Boosterthon start off the program?

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    The Boosterthon team starts off with a lively, interactive setup with the whole school to get the students hyped about gathering pledges and helping SPARK raise money. Students will get a chance to work on character building and get super-inspired to participate.  We understand that the more excited the kids are about the Fun Run the more money we will raise!

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  • How do kids and teachers stay motivated throughout the week to continue to fundraise?

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    For a full week, Boostherthon teams of two visit each SPARK homeroom class for a few minutes each day to get the kids pumped up about fundraising as a class, grade and school.  Students are updated on their class pledges and are thrilled if they meet their class and grade goals where every student is rewarded.  Classroom goals are set by each individual class and teachers have the autonomy to choose the class prize if a new goal is met. Opportunities for a silent disco party, SPARK sunglasses and silly sock day are just a few examples of class rewards. Individual prizes like stickers and keychains are available for students as well, not just for fundraising but for participation!  Please note that the focus is on working as a school community to raise funds. Any individual prizes achieved will be distributed in an extremely low-key manner.

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  • What happens on the day of the Fun Run?

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    Boosterthon arrives to the school early to transform the park across the street with a family friendly DJ that elevates the energy level to astronomical proportions, so with the electricity in the air, students will run up to 35 laps (even if some claim 500 laps). Each lap run corresponds to the pledge the students receive per lap.  The more laps they run, not to exceed 35 laps, the more money they earn for the school.  

    Two main tracks will be set up where one grade level will run on one track while the other grade level will run on the 2nd track.  For the first time this year we will have a third smaller track set up for those kids who prefer to run without color powder, who feel overwhelmed on the main track and for siblings who want to participate. Water stations will be set up for kids who need to take a break and get a cup of water.

    Families are welcome to join in on the fun by cheering for their kid(s) as they run! There will be coffee and SPARK business partners at the event. This will be a fun filled morning for everyone!

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  • What percentage does Boosterthon receive from the school?

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    There is a sliding scale that’s used but Boosterthon will receive up to 42% of all pledges while the school receives the majority share.  Keep in mind that Boosterthon is providing a service where they organize, present, transform, teach and do all of the things associated with fundraising costs that our teachers and PTO can not do.  These are trained professionals and we have two Boosterthon employees that are with us all day for a full 8 days.

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  • What have we used the money for in the past?

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    2022-2023 – Student and teacher experiences.

    2021-2022 - New Interactive Learning Opportunities, STEM Curriculum, Media Center Updates, Stage Curtains for Fine Arts Programs

    2020-2021 - New Technology for SPARK Students

    2019-2020 - SPARK will be STEMIFY-ing SPARK by providing our students with the latest and greatest that the STEM world has to offer as we build up our resources, STEM book room, manipulatives and Maker Space initiatives. 

    2018-2019 - SPARK saw a new addition to the playground!  The SPARK Sports Court!

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