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Driving and Carpool Reminders

Students Driving-  

  • All student drivers (and visitors) should enter the garage via the entrance NORTH of the school (see yellow arrows.) They should NOT enter with Carpool and buses to attempt the U-turn into the Garage.  This entrance will require badge access.   
  • A parking permit is required.
  • Students should park ONLY on levels 2 and above and not on the ramps.fff
  • Upon leaving the Garage, follow the exit South to Northside Pkwy.
  • Go slowly and follow all rules set forth in the NAHS parking contract.
  • In case of traffic incident on campus, please report it to the front office so that a school resource officer can be called.

Carpool Drivers-

  • Drop off begins at 8:15 am. DO NOT drop off students before that time due to Covid safety measures.
  • Follow the blue arrows to the front of the Lakeside building.
  • Form TWO lines; as you enter the portico, keep right toward the sidewalk/curb areas. Leave the left lanes open for parents who have already dropped off/picked up and PROCEED SLOWLY WITH CAUTION to exit the carpool area.
  • No cell phone use please.
  • Students should not exit cars until they have reached the front door. This will reduce any lines of students which would ensure better Covid safety.
  • Do not park under the portico or along the curb if entering the school for any reason at any time. These are FIRE and EMERGENCY lanes and must be kept clear.

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