Your Senior Year

The Journey to College | Senior Year

There are many things on your plate as a college senior. You often hear adults say that you need to 'plan for your future'. Sometimes that sounds annoying, and other times foreboding, scary. They're right, though. You do. However, if you have a plan for how you want to plan for your future, then you can break it down into chunks which are much easier to accomplish. At the bottom of this page, we've created a to-do list for seniors. Please use this as a place to get started. As always, talk to your college adviser in the college and career center! There likely will be points in your senior year when you want to quit. The video below is for you.

Senior Year To-Do List

Talk to a college adviser in the South Atlanta College and Career Center. A lot.

Register for and take the SAT or ACT

Narrow down your list of colleges where you'll apply based off of fit and apply.

Write and edit your personal statement (if applicable)

Complete your FAFSA (beginning January 1)

Apply for scholarships

Make a decision!