College and Career Center (3rd Floor)


    South Atlanta High School CEEB Code


    Here at South Atlanta High School's College and Career Center, we value the college process. We see it as an opportunity to make a decision about your future based on a thoughtful, rather than frantic, approach. 

    We strive to help students see this process as a mode of self-discovery and another way to fully and authentically engage in their high school experience. What makes a place right or wrong depends on the fit between its culture and personality and your wants and needs. Learning how to uncover your wants and needs (intellectual, financial, socio-emotional, geographical) will help you become the best applicant for college. 

    We want to give you as much individual attention as you will allow to help you uncover your wants and needs and enable you to make the best decision. If you have questions, anxieties, fears, or comments, come to the College and Career Center and talk to one of us!


    All application fees are waived. Transcripts and Test Score folders will be provided.  Feel free to spread the word to any interested students. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.