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  • PTA Meetings

    PTA Meetings will be held via Zoom on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Dates are listed below.


    Aug 9, 2023

    PTA Agenda Aug 9 2023

    Sept 13, 2023

    PTA Agenda Sept 13 2023

    Oct 18, 2023


    Nov 8, 2023


    Dec 6, 2023


    Jan 10, 2024


    Feb 14, 2024


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    Apr 10, 2024


    May 8, 2024


  • PTA Officers

    Dyan Ross, PTA Co-Chair
    Co-Chair: Dyan Ross
    Junia Blevins, PTA Co-Chair
    Co-Chair: Junia Blevins
    Anna Valentine, PTA Secretary
    Secretary: Anna Valentine
    Rebekah Wallace, PTA Treasurer
    Treasurer: Rebekah Wallace

    PTA Committees

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    Leadership and Member roles

    * Please email to join hopehillespta@gmail.com


    Fundraising Committee:

    This committee will consider fundraising opportunities as they arise and implement them. Ideas and opportunities should be parent-led programs and initiatives that generate money for the school. The committee also solicits corporate and community sponsorships and is responsible for liaising with the Communications Committee to ensure sponsors receive the benefits and logo representation agreed upon.  Small-scale ideas such as a Bake Sale to large efforts like Corporate Sponsor Programs and continuing our tradition of dine outs.... all more ideas are always welcome! Committee Chair: Billie Jones


    Events Committee:

    The Events Committee will help plan and put on at least three events PTA will sponsor each year. They include Screen on the Green in the fall, Trunk or Treat, and the "Spring Dance". The committee conducts all aspects of event planning including activity and vendor management, permitting as required, and volunteer recruitment. Designated members work with the Communications Committee for promotions of the events and the Fundraising Committee for sponsorship. Committee Chair: Amber Mungin-Davis


    Teacher Appreciation Committee:

    The Teacher Appreciation Committee supports and celebrates our teachers and administration by hosting the Teacher Appreciation week in May, planning our holiday event for faculty in December, as well as monthly teacher feeds during the year. Teacher feeds can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, or showing appreciation for our teachers by stocking the staff break room with treats. Committee Chair: Volunteer Needed


    Communications Committee:

    This committee works to better communicate and connect our parents and families with PTA, as well as with the community. Helping to send out email blasts, surveys, creating flyers, etc. Anyone interested in creating a PTA newsletter (updates and spotlighting great things happening at our school) or managing social media would be helpful. Committee Chair: Cashelle Rose


    Health / Safety Committee:

    The HHES PTA Health and Safety Committee collaborates closely with HHES families, staff, and the larger HHES community to support programs, activities, and infrastructure that ensure a healthy and safe school environment for all. The Committee accomplishes its mission by engaging in the following strategies: increasing awareness and information dissemination to HHES families, caregivers, staff, and the larger community; promoting and supporting programs and activities that build a healthy and safe school environment; and building new collaborations and partnerships to support HHES safety efforts. The Committee prioritizes evidence-informed approaches and ensures all its work is guided by the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Committee Chair: Dita Broz


    Beautification Committee:

    Partnering with the HH Foundation beautification committee, you will help to manage Hope Hill's green spaces, including everything from plantings in front of the school to the vegetable garden near the picnic tables, the area near the bike rack, and indoor spaces to help the school feel like a school. They can work with staff on educational opportunities leveraging the grounds, apply for grants, and organize clean-up days to get students involved. Committee Chair: Volunteer Needed


    Dad Committee:

    This committee is dedicated to allowing our Hope Hill male role models another opportunity to strengthen relationships with our students. This committee is for dads, grandfathers, uncles or any male figure in the child's life. We will have public affirmation, meaningful conversation, and activities to help encourage a healthy bond. Our male role models will be able to shine a light on the positive things students have done and share how proud they are of them. We will be able to go over monthly hot topics and how to deal with them. Committee Chair: Volunteer Needed



    Contact us: hopehillespta@gmail.com