• Hope-Hill Elementary School is located in the center of a historical community with valuable resources to enhance student learning. The school is adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Social Change. This is a vital resource to our school in that it provides various activities in which our students participate, including civic programs, walking tours, and the Rose Garden writing contest. Numerous churches, public agencies, private companies and businesses, and community groups provide unique services and resources, benefiting the staff, students, parents and the community as a whole. Creativity is apparent in the manner and types of services/goods provided through the varied levels of expertise each organization brings to the school setting and community.
    The history of the school is steeped in the legacy of its namesake, Dr. John Hope, who was the first African American President of Atlanta University and Morehouse College (both located in the Atlanta University Center Complex), the world’s largest consortium of historically black private institutions of higher education.
    Hope-Hill Elementary School is a Title I school located at 112 Boulevard, NE, in Atlanta, Georgia. There are approximately 403 students in kindergarten through fifth grades. The school demographics include 95% African-American and 5% Hispanic students. Our staff consists of the following:
    23 Highly Qualified Teachers
    • 1 ESOL Teacher
    • 1 Physical Education Teacher
    • 5 teachers are Reading Endorsed
    • 2 teachers are ESOL Endorsed
    • 12 staff members are Marilyn Burns trained for teaching Mathematics

    Instructional Support Team

    • Principal
    • Instructional Liaison Specialist
    • DI Facilitator
    • Counselor
    • Media Specialist
    • Model Teacher Leader
    • Art Teacher
    • Music Teacher
    • Interrelated Special Education Teacher
    • School Secretary
    • 6 Paraprofessionals
    Part- time Staff
    • Nurse
    • Psychologist
    • Social Worker
    • Speech Therapist