• Maureen Wheeler, Principal
    Maureen Wheeler became principal in 2013 when Hope-Hill Elementary was rated an F. Through careful hiring/developing staff, she established a stellar team of teachers/support staff—who come to work “because they are changing lives one child at a time.”  With a creative knack for teamwork, she orchestrated a culture of excellence, expectation and comradery—constantly leading the charge doing whatever it takes.  The students of Hope-Hill come first!  Ms. Wheeler knows her families and helps them with all her might.  Academic excellence isn’t just about what goes on inside the actual school.  With the help of community partners, Ms. Wheeler was able to outfit the entire school in 21st Century classroom furniture during the 2016-2017 school year.   Inside the classrooms, you’ll not find traditional desks/chairs; instead there are stand-up desks, beanbags, rockers—all items that help with attention deficit and sensory learning.   Because of endeavors such as this, last year HHES came off the Focus list and was recognized as a “Beating the Odds” school.  Once the third lowest performing school in the District, HHES now is performing better than 58% of schools in the state and is progressing daily!
    Maureen T. Wheeler, Principal
    Hope-Hill Elementary School
    112 Boulevard,NE
    Atlanta, GA 30312