• Our Vision
    The faculty, staff, parents and volunteers are building a National School of Excellence at Hope-Hill Elementary School. Our school is a place where: Students are professional citizens preparing for a professional future. Punctuality and attendance are essential in order to prepare for a professional future. Our students know what they want to be in the future and continuously make strides toward that goal. Students value a college experience and continuously plan for that experience in the future. Academics are given priority. Students are becoming proficient at reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Technology, problem-solving, and hands-on projects are incorporated in every content area. Clubs, performing arts, and civic organizations help to complete the whole child. Parents, community, business partners, and volunteers take ownership in believing “It takes a whole village to raise a child” philosophy.
    Our Mission
    Hope-Hill Elementary is dedicated to the premise that all students can learn given appropriate stimuli within a safe and supportive environment regardless of social, economic, or physical status. We are determined to become professional facilitators and collaborators who maintain high expectations for student achievement, use data, embrace accountability, and use school time wisely. A rigorous curriculum that is presented through cooperative learning methods, use of hands-on manipulatives, and real world application will ensure our professional students will become SMART AND PROUD.