• Georgia’s House Bill 87 (O.C.G.A. §13-10-91, as amended),
    the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011”



    Contractors, Potential Contractors and other Providing Services to Atlanta Public Schools:


    During the most recent legislative session, the Georgia Legislature passed House Bill 87 (HB87), commonly known as the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011.”   HB 87 imposes strict requirements and limitations upon Atlanta Public Schools and the vendors with which Atlanta Public Schools conducts business.  The requirements of HB87 went into effect on July 1, 2011.  There is no grace period for compliance.  Therefore, APS and all vendors currently doing business with Atlanta Public Schools must immediately comply with the legal requirements of HB87.  To that end, this notification is intended to inform you of the documentation you must provide to Atlanta Public Schools and Atlanta Public Schools must have on file to be compliant with the law and continue to be able to do business with your company. 

    The following link provides the language of the bill:



    For additional information or registration of E-Verify click here.

    In order to become a registered vendor with Atlanta Public Schools, you must complete the APS B2Gnow Portal and the appropriate E-Verify Affidavit(s)