• North Atlanta Local School Council
    What is the Local School Council (LSC)?  Georgia law requires every school system to have a local school council operational in all elementary, middle and high schools. The primary goal of local school councils is to bring communities and schools closer together to make recommendations to solve education problems, to improve academic achievement, to provide support for teachers and administrators, and to bring parents into the school based decision-making process.
 Translated, we’re a group of school  faculty and elected parents who are charged with responding to the needs of each of these groups.  We are an advisory group to the Principal, and we can formally raise issues with Atlanta Public Schools that, by law and practice, require an answer.   We are not a governance body, we don’t have decision-making authority, but we can influence policy and decisions through our recommendations.  We also don’t raise funds, or have authority to say how funds are spent.  And, our meetings are open for all interested parties to attend.

    What is our Mission?  Our primary mission is to support the principal, administrative staff, and teachers in their efforts to improve student academic performance.  However, we can focus on a wide range of aspects of school operations to accomplish this mission, including but not limited to: school board policies; facilities; curriculum and assessments; school budget priorities; communications; transportation; school-based and community services; student discipline and attendance; and textbooks & learning resources.
    What do we do?  Every month, the LSC meets to review current issues.  Our meetings are the first Monday of each month at 4:00pm in the conference room across from the admin offices.   These meetings are open to the public.  We are in the process of setting priorities for this current year which to date include:  supporting Dr. Taylor and his team as they lead the school forward after the changes that occurred administratively this fall;  ensuring the availability of textbooks and other learning resources; broader engagement & continuity throughout the school community; and increasing the overall rigor of the curriculum.

    We need and want your input.  Any parent, faculty member, or community resident is welcome to meet with us to share their concerns.   We would encourage you to raise issues directly with Dr. Taylor and his staff first in most cases.  If you can’t get an appropriate answer though, or believe your issue or concern may be broadly affecting the school, or you just need someone else to talk to, please contact one of the LSC members listed below.  We will listen and make every effort to get the issue addressed.  

    Coming soon?  We are looking into different ways to make ourselves more easily reachable through the web site and potentially a blog or discussion forum.  In the meantime, your LSC members can be contacted as follows: